Our Mission

Here at STORWEALTH, we believe in partnering with our clients to educate, spread awareness and tailor suitable plans according to their needs to create holistic wealth protection and achieve financial breakthroughs!

Our Values

S – Stewardship
What we do with what we have is our responsibility. We look forward to help you take ownership of your own financial future as well as your loved ones.

T – Time
We don’t know what tomorrow holds but today matters! We are ready to partner with you to plan and mitigate with suitable tools, mindset and attitude to invest in your future.

O – Openness
We believe that transparency is important and we create the space for you to share your concerns so that we can arrive at the most optimal solution.

R – Relational
We believe that the start of your journey with us is a relational partnership build on trust.

Company Founders


Priscilla, Wealth Life Advisor

Priscilla has more than a decade of experience in wealth advisory, family and business succession planning. She continuously learns from the best of best - international advisors, mentors and business leaders. Prior to this, she ran a Trust Company out of Labuan where she practiced business law and assisted clients with establishing Foundations and Trusts for HNWIs to consolidate businesses to enjoy better tax rates and plan for successions and generational wealth transfers. She also ran other businesses related in real estate, business investments and migration. She has a double Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University in the USA and pursued her MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

Her motivation in joining this industry is attributed to first-hand experience with the entire asset distribution process of a very close loved one. Through this experience, she found that there was a huge gap in the area of financial and wealth planning. This industry provides a platform for her to give back to society at large. She finds joy in helping other families to protect what they have worked so hard for and expand their minds to think beyond the now to the future of the generations to come. This is meaningful for her as she carries on the legacy of her close loved one.

Empower yourself with knowledge and act upon it to secure your future

Client Testimonials

"I am so happy with the team's assistance in looking into my existing plans and providing advice on what can be done with my goal in mind. Such a smooth process!"
LYK, 32 (F) Manager
"The team helped me to realize what is important to me and provided me with very practical advice to safeguard my future retirement. I lacked the discipline before, and now I am back on track! I am so grateful!"
SYS, 28 (F) Division Head
"My portfolio consisted mainly of risky investments and the team advised on how to protect my capital & hard earned money! I am now financially protected with a peace of mind!"
IDYK, 28 (M) Special Projects Director