Charity Planning

Generosity is a virtue. Support causes that are close to your heart and are representative of your family's values.

What is Charity Giving?

Charity giving is a noble endeavor that allows individuals to make a positive impact on societal causes close to their hearts. While many people are familiar with the traditional methods of donating, such as cash or assets, utilizing life insurance as a funding tool for charitable giving is a lesser-known but high effective strategy.

The donor will enjoy these benefits:

  • Legacy and impact: Life insurance allows you to leave a lasting legacy by providing a substantial donation to a cause you care deeply about, even if you may not have substantial liquid assets during your lifetime.
  • Amplify your giving: Life insurance policies offer the opportunity to magnify your charitable impact. The relatively small premiums paid throughout your life can result in guaranteed substantial payout to the designated charity, often exceeding the total amount of premiums paid by several folds.
  • Tax advantages.

How Do I Get Started for Charity Planning?

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