Education Planning

The best gift any parent can give to their children is to provide them a good foundation to start off their life and it is through good education. The parent’s income and consistent habit plays a vital role in making it possible.

Intricacies of Education Planning

Every parent or parent to be knows that having a child comes with added responsibilities. The biggest fund required for a child will undoubtedly be his/ her university fees when he/ she turns 18 years old.

Education Planning

As illustrated above, there are generally 2 ways to fund a child’s education:

Option 1: Save money & earn interest

Option 2: Pay money & pay interest


Between the two, option 1 is a financially smarter choice.

Benefits of Education Planning

With proper education planning, parents and children can both enjoy these benefits:


1. Children will be able to go to university when they turn 18 years old with no delays. As funds are already in place, they wouldn’t need to take a gap year to wait until there are sufficient funds

2. Provides flexibility and freedom for children to choose the course they would like to enrol in without having to decide based on financial constraints; parents will feel proud for being able to provide

3. Lesser chances of having to take up additional debts and loans which means no added interests and commitments


4. In event that any of the parent faces the unexpected (accidents or passing away), children will still be able to receive education and earn their Bachelor’s Degree which gives a good foundation for their future


Ultimately, parents will be happy knowing that they are able to provide at the right time and they have performed their duties as good parents. Their children will have proper foundation for their next phase in life.

Parents Concerns for Children's Education

There are so many questions that arise when it comes to planning for a child’s education like:


1. Where is the best place to save money? Do I allocate them in banks? Investments? Equities? Remember when your child turns 18 years old, whether the market is good or bad – you will need to have the funds ready.

2. How much do I need to save for my children’s education? That’s a huge sum!

3. I’m financially tight, how do I even save for this?


That’s where we can help! We will guide you to have proper plans in place to ensure that your children’s future are secured. Every parent will not only be able to fulfil their responsibility but also celebrate a huge milestone together with their children!

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