Retirement Planning

You deserve to enjoy a financial free, peace of mind retirement lifestyle.

What is Retirement Planning?

We work to enjoy the lifestyle we currently have or aspire to have in the near future and far future which is our retirement. Retirement should be an enjoyable phase of lives to be free to do whatever your desires may be. To enhance that experience, there is a need to plan for it financially to avoid stressing about it later.

The worse worry to have is financial worry because every other worry can be solved. When you are in need of finances, it’s doesn’t usually feel nice to ask from family or friends because the first question they will ask would be “Why do you need that for?” To save yourself from such embarrassment, proper financial planning is wise. Who would complain if you have more than usual money anyway? Nobody!

Retirement shouldn’t just be based on your EPF savings alone and truthfully, you can’t count on that because it is a fact that most retirees utilize their funds within 5 years and we now see the after effects of poor planning. The children will have to provide additional means to support their parents which makes it stressful and tough especially with rising inflation and higher cost of living. As such, starting to plan for your retirement now will relieve you from being in that very same position of stress. Why put yourself through it when you can make a decision to commit to your own retirement plan? By doing so, you can enjoy your future without financial worries and not have to put strain on others or expect from your children. Travel the world anywhere you like, eat all the good food, etc.

Most Malaysians are in need to plan for their retirement for several reasons:

  • Increasing life expectancy. The average life expectancy age for males and females is around 75 years old
  • Recent news published in late 2022 mentions that Malaysians will need at least RM 1 million in savings to retire comfortably and only 3% of Malaysians can afford to retire
  • A large group of people who are self-employed such as freelancers do not have EPF contributions and lack a discipline way to force savings for their own future

It is becoming very common for people to set up their own private second retirement fund, apart from EPF savings and their own bank accounts because of many added advantages.

We help individuals and families to plan based on their needs and concerns. Contact us today for a tailored plan. It takes intentionality but you’ll be thankful to yourself for being responsible for your own future.

Our team can assist and provide a complimentary advisory session. Just reach out to us!

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