Our Services

We offer a range of services to cater to your needs, dreams, goals and life stages using appropriate financial planning tools.

Business Planning

Learn how to safeguard your business interests! We help clients capture the present and future value of the business, talent acquisition and retention, protection of key persons in the business, business succession, expansion and growth funds and director benefits program, and more!

Education Planning

Early planning gives you a head start to ensure that good education can be provided to children. That’s the best gift any parent or guardian to a child!

Financial Planning

A person’s dreams, goals, and lifestyle is dependent on the income he/ she earns. We help clients foolproof their income sources and protect their wealth, ensuring minimal disruption in their daily lives.

Legacy And Succession Planning

We help create a straight forward wealth distribution plan and skip lengthy legal processes, minimise taxes and estate fees. Having the right structures in place will help ease and smoothen the transfer process. Your dependents and loved ones will be grateful for your love put into action.

Partnership Protection Planning

Learn how to safeguard each other’s interest in a partnership and have proper funding vehicles for share buyouts, exit contingency plan and debt repayments should anything happen to one of the partners in the business!

Retirement Planning

Enjoy your golden years with guaranteed flow of income! That way, you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones or even, do the things you love without financial constraints.

Charity Planning

Generosity is a virtue. We help clients to allocate a portion of their wealth to support causes and organisations that are close to their heart and that is also part of legacy creation!

Estate Planning

Learn about the 7 aspects of estate planning, all of which is important depending on how large your wealth estate is! Tax planning is one of them and it's commonly overlooked.


It is completely normal and we understand! First time clients usually have a casual meet with us and we will find out together how we can help you with your concerns and goals.

Yes! They are regulated and governed by Bank Negara Malaysia and also protected by PIDM.

Not at all. Firstly, there is absolutely no cost to you for exploring this opportunity. There is no additional fee you need to pay to engage our services.

Secondly, there is no financial obligation to sign up – you just need to show up! If there is a way for us to help you achieve your objectives, that would be fantastic. However, if it turns out that we are not the right fit for your needs, we will part ways amicably. Take this opportunity as part of being more informed of what you have and networking.